Financial Advice

Financial Advice

We believe seeking financial advice is important for everyone and not just if “you have money to invest”. The earlier you put in place strategies and plans to achieve your goals the more likely you are to succeed. At Avant Garde Financial, we believe in providing holistic advice, planning ahead and building relationships to help lead you to financial freedom over the long term. We help clients from all stages of life, from those starting out in their first job to our retiree clients enjoying their financial freedom late in retirement.

Superannuation & Retirement

Are you looking to retire or already retired? You may be getting closer to retiring and want to maximise your retirement savings. Or you may be looking for ways to increase your retirement cash flow. We can assist with helping you maximise your superannuation savings, age pension entitlement or recommend a more suitable retirement income stream.

Personal Insurance

We cannot emphasise enough the importance of having financial security for you and your family. We can help ensure you have an appropriate plan in place which should protect you and your family financially if you no longer had your most important asset, you and your ability to earn an income.

You may be saving for a home or paying off a mortgage. What would be the impact on your savings or debt repayments if you couldn’t earn an income?

You may have a young family and want to plan ahead. If you were permanently disabled or no longer around, what would be the effect on your family’s lifestyle and your children’s education?

You may be single and have no significant, financial responsibilities. However, if you were permanently disabled would you need to rely on your parents to support you financially? How would that impact on their retirement goals?

Cashflow & Budgeting

Are you working, maybe saving and just looking for some guidance? Maybe you’re not quite sure if you are doing the “right” things with your hard earned money. Do you feel that you are paying too much tax? Or maybe you are saving for a house. Let us put you on the best path and lead you to a more financially comfortable future. We can advise you on your cash flow and help with your budgeting.

If you’re trying to juggle a mortgage whilst trying to build wealth for your young family, we are able to provide a strategy on how to balance this.

Aged Care Specialists

Aged care is an extremely complex area and the costs involved are substantial. Furthermore, the entire process can be very stressful and emotional for loved ones. We can help reduce anxiety by dealing with the financial and administrative requirements. It is important to plan in advance, before moving into an aged care facility, to identify the best care for your loved one and obtain appropriate advice to ensure optimal financial decisions are made. That would be in regards to assets, income and aged care refundable accommodation bonds. We can provide you with a strategy that could decrease your ongoing cost (depending upon your level of assets), liaise with the facility and complete the paperwork required for entry.

Avant Garde Financial provides the above financial services as an Authorised Representative of Count Financial Limited.

Avant Garde Business Services Pty Ltd ABN 55 150 800 936, trading as Avant Garde Financial is an Authorised Representative of Count Financial Limited ABN 19 001 974 625 holder of Australian financial services licence number 227232 ("Count"). Count is owned by Count Limited ABN 111 26 990 832 of GPO Box 1453, Sydney NSW 2001. Count Limited is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange. The information on this web page is not financial product advice and is provided for information only.

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